Multi-Use Tunnels

  • Four 70' x 15' tunnels are available to be rented by the half hour or by the full hour. We also have options for teams to rent tunnels for extended periods or repeating weekly/monthly practice times.

  • Our tunnels are equipped with baseball and softball pitching areas, professional L-Screens, regulation batters boxes, and they are fully turfed.

  • The Top Gun facility is outfitted with professional athletic facility lighting. This really sets Top Gun apart! You will never need to worry about frustrating lighting conditions and safety concerns in our facility.

  • Our tunnel nets are retractable so if your team needs more space we can open up as much as you need to run a full indoor practice!


Batting Cages

  • Top Gun has three indoor coin operated pitching machines that are located in a dedicated batting cage with three hitting lanes for your enjoyment. These machines are token operated (or available to rent for 1/2 hour or an hour) and allow you the freedom of year round walk in hitting opportunities. It doesn't matter if it is for your kids or the Dad that just wants to take a few swings, our indoor batting cages are waiting for you!


The Bullpen!

Specially designed and outfitted for pitchers and catchers, with the best mounds on the market!

Bullpen Area

  • Top Gun offers our athletes the ability to work on all aspects of their pitching and catching skills. At Top Gun athletes can train on multiple professional grade portable mounds. We also offer softball pitching areas that are designed to meet the needs of our softball athletes.

  • Top Gun also has multiple professional grade portable mounds that can be used by athletes who want to train like a pro. Our Bullpen cage is 70' x 22' allowing your team enough room to run a full pitcher and catcher workout!



Watching the HitTrax action on one of our 75” TVs!

Three screens available to enjoy the HitTrax experience!

What is HitTrax

The HitTrax system was designed specifically for analytics as it reports real-time visual and statistical data such as exit ball velocity, distance, launch angle, hard hit average and detailed strike zone analyses immediately following the hit. Interactive spray charts, trend analysis and launch angle reports can be generated within seconds using an interactive touch screen display.

HitTrax Games

The Quality Hit Game brings a new level of excitement and competition to Top Gun as it assigns a point value to each hit and the player has 15ABs to accumulate the highest possible points.

Leagues and more

Come try out our Hitting Leagues, Point Games and HR Derby contests! More information on league structure and pricing coming soon!

Come experience the Top Gun Baseball and Softball training difference!

Come experience the Top Gun Baseball and Softball training difference!

Team Rentals

Bring your baseball or softball team of any age into Top Gun and always have a place to practice year round! We have designed our tunnel nets to be retractable so you can have the custom training space that your team needs. Our five tunnels open up to a huge 70' x 82' multi-purpose training area.We can help you run simulated infield drills in our space. Top Gun is your team's best choice for local year round training. We are here to help your team succeed, let us know what you need and we will do everything we can to help your vision become a reality.